Hidden Gems – Finzi Friends concert
26th June 2024
7:30 pm
St Mary le Strand
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Come and join us on a beautiful summer evening at St Mary Le Strand for an enriching concert presented to you by Hidden Gems concert series together with Finzi Friends. Pianist Gavin Roberts is delighted to present this one-of-a-kind concert including vocal and instrumental music by Gerald Finzi!


Gerald Finzi holds a unique place in twentieth century music. It’s hard to define exactly what his ‘style’ is. His music resonates with that of those influenced by folk song but this was not a key element in his musical language. He certainly moved in musical ‘circles’ in which Vaughan Williams was a significant figure but in no sense can he be seen as a ‘disciple’ musically. He had close musical friendships with figures such as Howard Ferguson, Herbert Howells and Edmund Rubbra.

Peter Cigleris (clarinet)
Jacob Cole (tenor)
Alex Zasiadko (bass baritone)
Gavin Roberts (piano)

E Farrar (1885-1918) Lullaby from ‘Three Pieces for piano’. Gavin Roberts (piano)
Gerald Finzi (1901-1956) A Young Man’s Exhortation from “A Young Man’s Exhortation” Jacob Cole (tenor)
Gerald Finzi – Rollicum-Rorum from ‘Earth, Air and Rain’. Alex Zasiadko (baritone)
Ralph Vaughan Williams (1872-1958) ‘Lovely on the Water’ from ‘Six Studies in English Folksong’. Peter Cigleris (clarinet)
Ralph Vaughan Williams – Orpheus with his Lute (Shakespeare). Jacob Cole (tenor)
Ivor Gurney (1890-1937) Under the Greenwood Tree (Shakespeare). Jacob Cole (tenor)
Gerald Finzi – Come away, death (Shakespeare). Alex Zasiadko (baritone)
Ivor Gurney – Prelude in D-flat. Gavin Roberts (piano)
Gerald Finzi – Carol from ‘Five Bagatelles’. Peter Cigleris (clarinet)
Gerald Finzi – When I came back from Lyonesse from ‘Earth, Air and Rain’ (Thomas Hardy).Alex Zasiadko (baritone)


Martin Bussey (b 1958)In days like these. Alex Zasiadko (baritone)
Herbert Howells (1892-1983) The Chosen Tune. Peter Cigleris (clarinet)
Gerald Finzi – Epeisodia from ‘Before and After Summer’ (Thomas Hardy). Alex Zasiadko (baritone)
Edmund Rubbra (1901-86)Take, O take those lips away (Shakespeare). Jacob Cole (tenor)
Edmund Rubbra –  Dear Liza (Folk). Jacob Cole (tenor) & Alex Zasiadko (baritone)
Kenneth Leighton (1929-88) Household Pets: Cat’s Lament, Goldfish, White Rabbit, Bird in cage. Gavin Roberts (piano)
Howard Ferguson (1908-99) Four Short Pieces for Clarinet and Piano: • Prelude• Scherzo• Pastoral• Burlesque.   Peter Cigleris (clarinet)
Gerald Finzi – The Sigh from “A Young Man’s Exhortation” Jacob Cole (tenor)

The event will be a good opportunity to find out about a wonderful composer Gerald Finzi.